Jane Rossington (continued)

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In fact, it's now been established that the house is built on the site of a Roman fort. 
Jane and David - a chartered surveyor - are rightfully proud of their children, Sorrel (9) and Harry (5).  "Harry does everything at 90 mph," said Jane.  "He's a little tearaway.  He tires us out at week-ends. 
"Sorrel's teeth have been a bit of a worry to us.  She appears in Crossroads, of course, as Sarah-Jane.  Viewers will remember that her front teeth are rather prominent.
"She's currently undergoing corrective dentistry.  She's to wear a brace on her top teeth to pull them back into line and another appliance will push her bottom jaw forward a little.
"Of course, these things take time, but we're assured that at the end of it all Sorrel's teeth will be straight and she'll be able to bite properly."
Whenever they get the chance, Jane and her family head off to the south of Devon to get away from it all.  It doesn't have to be the middle of summer either.  They'll go at any time of year. 
"But the journey can be quite perilous during the winter," Jane added.  "One winter recently we were returning from a short stay in Salcombe, South Devon.  It was early morning and we hadn't travelled far when we came to an icy bend in the road.
"David turned the wheel, but nothing happened.  We carried straight on into a banking.  Our car went part way up the bank, then flipped over and rolled one-and-a-half times on to its roof.  Miraculously, none of us was hurt.  The children were in the rear seats with their nanny, Helen.  They were sitting quite tightly packed together, so that stopped them being thrown about too much inside the car.
"David and I were wearing seat belts, so we were held in our seats.  But it felt very strange to be upside down and to have to open the door and roll out on to the grass with the car wheels up above."
The car was extensively damaged, but Jane and David were only too glad that no one had been hurt.   

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