The 4 Star Hotel That's Not All It Seems

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Most of the time it's the Golden Valley Thistle Hotel.  But every so often, when the TV serial needs outside shots, the signs are covered up and the real four-star hotel on the outskirts of Cheltenham becomes the Crossroads Motel.  "It's a bit confusing for the guests," says manager Stephen Thirlwell.
Crossroads doesn't have a four-star rating.  "But it does have one facility we haven't - a swimming pool," says Stephen.  "I've noticed they don't show it on the screen, but the actors talk about it."
Liz Collete, the Golden Valley's head receptionist and assistant manager Shirley Pownall willingly posed for pictures with Stephen in the same roles as the TV stars.
But they both confessed:  "We don't have time to watch the series, we're too busy looking after real guests."  Stephen tries to keep up with the story.  "Many people who stay here know we are associated with Crossroads so I make it my business to know what's going on, " he says.
How does Stephen compare with the suave, handsome David Hunter?  "I'd rather not answer that.  Let's just say I do my best to get on with everyone whether they are staff or guests."