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Roger Tonge would be the first to admit that Sandy, the character he plays in "Crossroads," has had more success with girlfriends in recent months than he himself has in real life.
"Life seems to be one long succession of romances for him at the moment," Roger said.  "It started with Faye Mansfield.  That sparked off a tremendous response.  I was flooded with letters from viewers who hoped things would work out for Sandy and he'd marry Faye.  I think that was because Sandy had been quite a loner before that time and there was a lot of sympathy for him. 
"After that romance, along came Vicki Lambert, and at the moment there's romance brewing with Lynn Baxter.  Not bad going," Roger added with a smile.
Whenever Roger arrives on the studio set he nearly always finds someone has been messing with either the wheelchair or the crutches which he uses while playing the crippled Sandy.
"They just can't resist," he said with a smile.  "They pull the arms off the wheelchair or adjust the height of my crutches so that when I try to walk with them one is about three feet long and the other six!  It makes me feel as though I'm walking on the side of a mountain!"
"I don't know what I can do to stop people tampering.  Perhaps I should take a leaf out of another actor's book.  He was playing a chef in "Crossroads" and whenever he left his chef's hat lying around someone was sure to give it a thump.  In the end he got so fed up at finding his hat squashed that he put a heavy stage-weight under it.  The next person to thumo it ended up with a very sore hand!  No one ever touched it again," Roger said, grinning.