Interview with Tony Adams (continued)

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"Something else I'd like to say about Crossroads, is to give you some off-stage details about some of the main characters.  Let's start with David Hunter (Ronald Allen).  He's warm, sophisticated and is enormous fun.
"Diane (Susan Hanson) has a delicious zest for life, is enormously friendly and, to cap it all, is a very good actress.  Jill Harvey (Jane Rossington) is also a very good actress.  Additonally, she's a home-loving person and is extremely friendly.
"Doris Luke (Kathy Staff).  Ah, she's a very special person with enormous depth to her character.  In addition, she is a wonderful person to have as a friend."
So what about Benny, who is surely the best-loved character in the soap opera?
"Aah, I was saving him until last," smiled Tony.  "Benny is like a see-saw.  Paul Henry, who plays Benny, is the total opposite of the dim-witted person you see on the screen.  Paul has got a brilliant mind and a razor sharp wit.  He's also a very, very nice man.
"The cast of Crossroads, in fact, is a kind of caring family.  Nolly (Noele Gordon) used to be mother, but now we've got ourselves.  Producer Jack Barton is very pro actors, but even so, we can't really include him in our special family, because he's the boss.
"I class myself as a very lucky man, because I was lucky to get the part of Adam Chance.  And let's face it, Crossroads is why I'm here in Jersey.  Really, it's a passport for life."
Before our conversation ended, and Tony began to get ready for that nights's performance in 'Find the Lady' at the Opera House, where he co-stars with Mollie Sugden, I asked this very likeable man, what his ambitions were.
"What I'd really like to be able to do is buy a bigger yacht.  No, I've no ambition to act in something heavy like Hamlet."
During this final part of our conversation, I also learned that Tony Adams is a good cook, and that before he joined the cast of 'General Hospital' as Dr Neville Bywaters, he was a singer in a number of West End musicals.
"Yes, and I also made ten records of show songs for the Music for Pleasure label.  There were a lot of shows in which I sang on stage, including 'West Side Story.'  
And so after arrangements had been made for Tony to be my guest on Radio Lions, the hospitals radio service, I left him lighting another cigarette in the Grand Hotel. 

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