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May 1985
David tells Adam that the new managing director Nicola Freeman is arriving tomorrow.
Adam tells Jill that they are in a position to buy the other 50% of the motel garage.  Jill says the new owners won't agree to that but Adam says they will if she makes it a condition of the motel sale - either they sell half of the garage or she holds on to her 30% of the motel.  Jill tells Adam that she will sell her 30% as long as she stays on as management.
Nicola Freeman arrives at the motel.  David Hunter greets her and introduces himself.  They go into the sitting room to talk.  David tells Nicola Freeman that the motel has always been a family run business and asks if she would continue thie.  Nicola Freeman says there will have to be some changes.
David takes Nicola Freeman into the bar where he introduces her to Jill, and leaves the two women to get acquainted.  Jill says part of the motels attraction is the fact that it is a family run business.  Nicola says she would be very happy to hear her suggestions but the final decisions must be hers.
Adam talks to Nicola Freeman about him and Jill staying on, and says Jill will sell her 30% shares if they can buy the other 50% of the garage.  "You've got yourself a deal," says Nicola.
Kath Brownlowe takes David and Barbara coffee in the office and tells them that tomorrow is her say off so she won't see them before they leave.    She wishes David and Barbara all the best for the future. 
Nicola Freeman thanks David for making things so easy.  Barbara comes into the office and tells David that there are a few people outside who would like to say goodbye.  They walk into the reception area where all the staff are gathered to say goodbye.  Paul Ross makes a short speech and presents them with gifts. 
David and Barbara go outside with Adam and Jill.  Adam kisses Barbara and David hugs Jill.  David and Barabar drive away from the motel which has been their life for so long, towards a new future together.
*5th June 1985 Personal Note*
After watching Crossroads for over 10 years I did not watch another episode after June 1985 when Ronald Allen and Sue Lloyd were axed from the show.