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Gordon Miles goes to Chimney's and talks with Adam and Jill Chance.  Gordon Miles says he senses that Adam doesn't like the idea of giving Gary Corbett a second chance, and Adam says he doesn't like the idea of giving him the soft option.  Gordon Miles tells Adam and Jill that Gary is outside in the car, and suggests he brings him in.  Adam agrees and says he is only doing this because of Jill.
At the village hall meeting Denise Pagett stands up and tells the audience that some of them know her, she has a handicapped daughter.  She says she they have their homes to protect but she has her daughter to protect.  Denise Pagett tells them that she just wants her daughter to have a chance.  Tears comes to her eyes and she sits down.  There is silence in the village hall.
David Hunter announces that they will take a vote now.  He asks how many in favour and a lot of hands go up.  He then asks how many against and only a few hands go up.
David, Barbara, Denise, Sharon and Alison go to the motel bar where David has champagne laid on to celebrate their victory.
Gordon Miles brings Gary Corbett into the living room at Chimney's.  Gordon Miles tells Gary that they think it would be a good idea if he came to work for Mr and Mrs Chance.  Gary says no, he thinks he will give it a miss.  Jill asks to speak to Gary alone, so Adam and Gordon Miles leave the room.  Jill Chance tells Gary Corbett that she wishes he would agree.  Gary says Mr Chance doesn't go along with it.
Denise Pagett, Diane Hunter and Sharon Metcalfe go back to Sharon and Diane's flat.  Denise asks Sharon what she would do if she couldn't foster Nina, and Sharon asks her what she is trying to say.  Denise tells Sharon that she needs Nina.  Sharon Metcalfe notices the look on Diane's face and asks her how long she has known. 
Adam Chance phones Gordon Miles and tells him that he would like to speak to him.
Doris Luke goes to see Kath Brownlow and tells her that she has just come from Mrs Floods.  Doris says mrs Flood drew a sketch of someone who came through during the seance, and she shows Kath the drawing.  It bares a definite likeness to Arthur Brownlow.    
Gary Corbett goes to Chimney's to talk to Adam Chance at Adam's request.  Adam tells him that he shouldn't pass up the opportunity of this scheme just because he doesn't like him. 
Sharon Metcalfe arrives late for work, and Benny asks her if she is alright.  Sharon tells Benny that she isn't going to foster Nina Pagett after all.  Benny says it is probably for the best for Nina.  "After all, you've only got one mum," he says.
Glenda Banks stares at the drawing of her father.  Kath tells her that it is obvious that Arthur is trying to get through to her.  She says if Doris is willing to go to the seance again then she is going to go with her.
The following day Barbara Hunter and Kath Brownlow decorate the Christmas tree in the motel bar.  Doris Luke joins them and asks Kath Brownlow about the medium.  Barbara tells them that she is very interested in mediums and says she investigated one once when she was researching a book.
Gordon Miles and Gary Corbett arrive at Chimney's.  Jill tells Gary that she is glad he changed his mind.
David Hunter receives a phone call from Rosemary.  After he has hung up David tells Barbara that Rosemary rang to say that Chris is going to Switzerland for Christmas, and wouldn't it be just like old times if David could go over as well. 
Kath Brownlow and Doris Luke arrive at the motel after seeing Mrs Flood the medium.  They meet Barbara Hunter in the bar and tell her all about the seance.  Kath says it was a let down and she is angry at herself for believing in it all.  She says she won't be going back. 
David Hunter discusses with Paul Ross the catering arrangements for a meeting of the committee for the home for the handicapped.  Adam Chance comes into the office and hears the end of the discussion.  David leaves the office and Adam asks Paul what meeting this is.  Paul tells him that it is a meeting to discuss the setting up of the home for the handicapped.  He tells Adam that Sharon will be difficult to replace but he thinks she will make a good houseparent for the home.  Adam looks at Paul, puzzled, and says Sharon hasn't mentioned anything to him.
Denise Pagett goes to See Diane Hunter at her flat and tells Diane that it is all off between her and boyfriend Trevor so she will be keeping Nina with her.  She says she thinks it would be best if Sharon didn't see Nina anymore. 
Sharon Metcalfe arrives at her flat and finds Diane and Alison Cotterill talking.  Diane tells Sharon that Denise Pagett was at the flat earlier, and Sharon asks if there was any message.  Diane tells her that it is all off between Denise and Trevor, and Denise thinks it is best if Sharon doesn't see Nina anymore. 
Alison Cotterill asks Sharon if she has thought of withdrawing her application for the houseparent job, and Sharon says no, why should she.  Alison tells Sharon that she isn't sure if Sharon would be right for the job now.  Alison tells Sharon that she would like the job herself.  Sharon looks at Alison and tells her that she had better get her application in fast, or perhaps she already has.
Sharon Metcalfe arrives for work at the garage and Sid Hooper tells her that Adam Chance wants to see her.  Sharon telephones Alison Cotterill and asks her how much she wants the job.  She begs Alison to let her have the job as houseparent.  Alison tells Sharon that she won't apply for the job.

1983 Episodes continued

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