1983 Episodes ... continued

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Benny helps Mavis Hooper to clear up the dinner plates.  Suddenly Mavis screams and tells Benny that there is a spider in the sink.  She is about to turn the tap on and drown it but Benny rescues it.  He says spiders have as much right to live as they have.
Sharon Metcalfe tells Diane Hunter that it is over between her and Oliver, but he just can't face it.
Mavis Hooper tells Sid and Joe that Benny has changed, and he is acting wierd.  Joe says Benny has had a lot to put up with, what with Mrs Price dying and this ESP thing.  Sid Hooper tries to shush Joe but Mavis asks what he means.  Sid tells her that Benny see's things.
Adam and Miranda sit in the motel reception after their evening out.  Adam places Miranda's jacket over her shoulders as Jill Harvey walks into reception.  Adam walks towards Jill.  "I've got one thing to say to you.  Goodnight," says Jill and walks away.
Joe MacDonald tells Benny that Mavis Hooper was a bit flustered about this spider episode, and he warns Benny not to get on the wrong side of Mavis.  Joe and Benny sit down in the garage staff room for their tea break and Benny asks Joe is Mavis likes animals at all.  Joe says she had a cat once.  Benny asks Joe is Mavis is thinking of getting another cat because he has a mouse.
Penny Banks goes to the Brownlow's house and Oliver Banks arrives a few minutes later.  Penny tells Oliver that she and Kevin want to help him.  Oliver says he can't explain what has happened, he and Sharon haven't had a row or anything. 
David Hunter tells Jill that Adam didn't spend the night with Miranda because he saw Miranda and Adam parting company in reception.  Jill tells David that he went to bed before her and she saw Adam and Miranda cuddling in public.
Mavis Hooper tells Joe and Benny that she is going to make a start on cleaning the rooms, and goes upstairs.  Benny looks at Joe.  Sid Hooper comes into the room and hears Joe mention the word mouse.  Joe tells Sid that Benny has got a mouse in his room.  Sid says Mavis will go mad.
Sharon Metcalfe receives a phone call for Oliver in the garage office.  A few moments later Oliver joins Sharon in the office and she tells him that someone rang about a flight.  Oliver makes a phone call and makes two flight reservations.  He tells Sharon that he has booked a flight to Canada for him and Penny.
Diane Hunter chats to Kath brownlow in reception and Kath says she was glad she could help him.  Diane asks her who she means, and Kath says her brother Terry.  "He's staying with you?" asks Diane.  Kath tells her it's just for a few days. 
Mavis Hooper moans at Walter Soper for leaving his room untidy.  Walter tells her that one of her lodgers has been keeping livestock.
Miranda Pollard receives a phone call from her father's office.  She tells Paul Ross and David Hunter that J. Henry wants her to go to London to look at some documents.  David says he is a bit tired of her father shipping her out whenever he feels like it.  Paul says these documents are obviously important and Miranda must know everything for when J. Henry is no longer around. 
David tells Miranda that she can go to London.  When Miranda has left the office, Paul Ross tells David that with Miranda out of the way maybe Jill and Adam can start acting like human beings.
Sid Hooper, Joe MacDonald and Benny arrive at Mavis's lodging house after work.  Benny goes upstairs to his room.  A few minutes later Benny comes downstairs and says someone has killed his mouse.  Mavis tells him he had no right to bring a mouse in here.  Benny tells Mavis that he hates her and he isn't staying here a minute longer.  Mavis tells him that his mouse is in the shed.
Diane Hunter goes to the Brownlow's house and tells Terry that he had no right to tell Kath that she sent him.  She tells him that he can find a lodging house.  Terry says she is safe here.
Adam Chance talks to his solicitors about going to London to finalise the transfer of his shares to the motel.  Adam finds Jill in the bar and tells her that his solicitor wants him to go to London.  He asks her to come with him but Jill says she can't. 
Jill see's Miranda Pollard in reception and tells her that she is taking on some extra work and would like her in early in the morning.  Miranda says she won't be here in the morning, she is going to London to settle some business.  Jill looks at her.
Jill goes into the office almost in tears and Barbara asks her what's wrong.  Jill tells her that Adam is going to London with Miranda and he had the cheek to ask her if she wanted to go with him.  Barbara says she probably got it wrong.
Oliver Banks goes to see Sharon Metcalfe to say goodbye.
Penny Banks goes to the Brownlow's house and tells Kath, Kevin and Glenda that she and Oliver are going to Canada in the morning.  Kath says Sally must be pleased but Penny says she doesn't know yet. 
Miranda Pollard waits in the reception area for her taxi.  Adam comes into reception and sits with Miranda.  She tells him that she is going to London and Adam says he is going to London too.  Barbara Hunter comes into reception and asks Adam if he couldn't have sneaked off with his bit on the side a little less publicly.
Adam goes into the office where he finds Jill alone.  He says she couldn't think he would go off with Miranda.  Adam asks Jill if she still wants to marry him and if so will she marry him sooner than planned.  Jill says yes and they hug.
Mavis Hooper tells Joe MacDonald that he won't have to share his room with Beyy for much longer because Benny is leaving.
David and Barbara join Adam and Jill in the office.  Jill says she has been a bit beastly of late and apologises.  She hands out some champagne to David and Barbara and says she hopes they haven't got anything planned for October because that is when she and Adam are getting married.
Sid Hooper tells Benny that Mavis will tell him to leave unless he gets rid of his mouse.
Kevin Banks goes to the office to see David Hunter and tells him that Oliver will be away in Canada for quite some time and he wants to sell his half of the garage.  David says he is very interested in buying it.
Later Jill see's Adam in reception and says she heard Kevin Banks tells David that Oliver Banks is selling his half of the garage.  
Diane Hunter receives a phone call from a man asking to speak to Terry Lawton.  She tells him that Terry isn't here and asks who is calling.  "Look, don't talk to me like that..." says Diane.

1983 Episodes continued

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