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Kevin and Glenda return home that evening Kath asks them both to sit down as she has something to tell them.  Kath tells them that she isn't sure that she can part with the house yet.  She says she has been doing a lot of thinking and she thinks Percy Dobson is right, and she isn't ready to sell yet.  Kevin says he had a feeling that Percy Dobson was behind this.  Kevin gets up to leave and Kath asks him where he is going.  Kevin says he is going to get Percy Dobson, who is in the garden of the Brownlow's house, to have it out with him.
Moments later Percy Dobson and Kevin Banks join Glenda and Kath in the living room, and Kevin asks him what he is up to.  Percy tells Kevin that he has Kath's best interests at heart.  Percy says it's so easy for him, having everything done for him.  Kevin tells Percy Dobson that he can stick his job. 
Diane Hunter goes to put the rubbish out at her and Sharon's flat but comes upstairs a moment later.  She tells Sharon that someone has scattered rubbish all over the yard. 
Benny is down in the dumps and Sid Hooper asks him what's wrong.  Sid says he should be happy about his special gift but Benny says all he see's is people dying.
Jill Harvey talks to Barbara Hunter at the reception desk.  Adam Chance joins them at the desk and asks Jill if she would like to verify something.  Jill picks up some papers and walks into the bar.  Adam follows her, and asks why when he asks her to do something she walks away.  He asks how he is supposed to do his job.  "Don't do your job Adam.  Just go," says Jill.
In sitting room Barbara Hunter scribbles in a notebook.  David comes in and says she isn't supposed to be working in here.  David stands behind Barbara's chair and looks over her shoulder.  Barbara tells him that sometimes she feels that the whole burden of motel work has fallen on her shoulders.  David leans forward and grabs the notebook from Barbara, and reads her notes. 
Jill joins Barbara and David in the sitting room and tells them that she would like to take a few days off.  Barbara asks when and Jill says the end of the week.  David says this is Adam's fault.
J. Henry Pollard tells Valerie that he got through to Italy and Miranda left her job, she walked out two days ago.  He says she can't draw out any money because he has stopped her allowance. 
Benny goes to Diane's flat for a meal.  Diane goes to the kitchen to fill the kettle, and finds that there is no water.  She says this is her landlord again.  There is a knock on the door and Diane opens it to Mr Dolman, the landlord.  He says he has come to tell her that there is no water, and Diane says she just found that out.  Mr Dolman looks at Benny and asks Diane who he is.  Diane tells him Benny is her nephew.
David Hunter joins Barbara in the sitting room and Barbara tells him that she has just had a phone call from Adam Chance asking to see them.  At that moment there is a knock on the door and Adam comes in.  He says Barbara suggested that he should leave as soon as possible.  "I agree.  I should leave," says Adam.  Adam says the last time he left without giving notice but this time he will leave when they say it is convenient. 
At the Brownlow house there is silence at the dinner table.  Kath says this is rediculous.  Glenda tells her mother that she said they could have the house and now she's changed her mind.  Kath tries to comfort Glenda but Glenda pushes her away.  Glenda says it was her idea to buy this house, Kevin wanted to buy something else but she wanted to stay with her.  Glenda says she thinks it would be better if she and Kevin moved out.
Later that evening Glenda joins Kevin downstairs and she shows him a letter.  She tells Kevin that the letter is an appointment at the hospital to check on the baby.  She says if anything is wrong then she will have to have an abortion.
Miranda Pollard arrives at the motel and tells J. Henry and Valerie that she wants to see them both in their chalet in one hour.
Oliver Banks meets Diane's landlord, Mr Dolman, at the flat.  Oliver tells him that he should have warned them about the water being cut off.  Mr Dolman tells Oliver that he has seen him leave the flat in the morning.  He says he has the other tenants to think of.
J. Henry and Valerie Pollard wait in their chalet.  J. Henry says he is going to send Miranda back to Italy if she hasn't got a good explanation.  Miranda Pollard joins them in the chalet and says she is an heiress and wants to be treated as such.  She tells her parents that she wants to be appointed a directorship.  "A directorship.  Where?" asks J. Henry.  "Here," says Miranda.
Diane takes Barbara Hunter some tea in the motel sitting room and finds her struggling with her latest book.  Barbara asks her how things are with her landlord, and Diane says they are still the same.  Barbara tells Diane that she should look for somewhere else to live, but Diane says it isn't easy to find unfurnished flats.  She says Benny is looking for somewhere too.  
Diane tells Barbara about what happened with Benny's landlady Mrs Price, and says Benny is a bit frightened because he is hearing voices.  She tells Barbara that Benny had a premonition about Mrs Price.
Later, Benny goes into the sitting room to give Barbara Hunter her car keys, and Barbara asks him to sit down.  She tells Benny that she is writing a book and she thinks he can help her.  She says she is writing a book about extra sensory perception, and Diane was telling her that he had a premonition.  Benny says he doesn't know anything about that, and says he was only joking when he told Diane about it. 
Oliver Banks goes to Diane's flat and finds Diane on her own.  There is a knock on the door and Diane opens it to Eddie Lee.  Eddie asks if Sharon is in and Diane tells him she isn't.  Shortly after there is another knock on the door and Diane answers it to Paul Ross.  Paul tells her that he heard the water had been cut off so he thought he would bring some round.  He gives her a bottle of water.  Shortly after there is another knock on the door and Diane opens it to her landlord, Mr Dolman.  He looks at the three men lined up in the flat.  "Is this a private party or can anyone join in?" asks Mr Dolman. 
Eddie Lee tells Diane quietly that he will sort Dolman out.  Eddie Lee tells Diane, Paul and Oliver that they are going to the pub, and he pushes them out of the door.  Eddie follows Mr Dolman closely but before they get to the door he shuts himself and Mr Dolman inside the flat.  Eddie grabs Dolman by the scruff of the neck and pushes him into a chair.  He tells Dolman that he can put him in intensive care without any trouble, but he is going to let him go back to his flat.  He says he doesn't want Diane bothered again.
Miranda Pollard joins Valerie and J. Henry Pollard in the motel sitting room and asks J. Henry if he is going to make her a director or not.  J. Henry gives her a document and tells her to read it and sign it.  Miranda reads the document, and smiles.  She signs and J. Henry countersigns.  Miranda leaves the office.
Valerie Pollard asks J. Henry what the document was about.  J. Henry tells her that the document says it makes Miranda a director of Crossroads subject to the approval of the remaining directors.  J. Henry laughs and says the other directors will never agree to it.

1983 Episodes continued

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