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Jill Harvey returns from her holiday.
Reg Lamont has dinner at Sharon Metcalfe's flat with Sharon and Ashley.  Reg tells Ashley that it is time he set his sights higher and left the police force.
David Hunter asks Paul Ross to come to the office and asks him what Richard Lord said to Kate Hamilton to upset her.  Paul says David went to Mrs Hamilton's chalet didn't she tell him.  Paul says Mrs Hamilton needs someone to confide in and it obviously isn't David.  He tells David that he didn't realise how much he is involved and David asks him what he means.  Paul Ross tells David that the best thing he can do is back away.  "I respect and admire your wife very much you see," says Paul.  David glares at him.
Jill Harvey joins David and Barbara in the office and asks where Kate Hamilton is.  David tells her that Kate had a difficult day yesterday.  Barbara asks him if the difficult day was the reason why he was so quick to leave the dinner table last night.  She tells David that Reg Lamont noticed and remarked on it.  Barbara tells David that it would clear things up if he told them what Kate told him in her chalet, but David says he can't tell them anything because Kate didn't tell him anything, and he didn't ask.
Barbara tells David that she feels like a morning off as well, and she leaves the office.  Jill Harvey tells David that Kate Hamilton needs someone to talk to and it obviosly isn't him, and maybe she could help.  David asks Jill sarcastically if she has anymore advice for him.  "Yes," says Jill.  "Kind men who help women in trouble too much get fallen in love with," says Jill.  "If you're not careful David, your marriage is going to break up," Jill warns.
Arthur Brownlow tells Kath that someone at the office has cancelled a holiday and he suggested that Arthur and Kath take the holiday instead.  Kath tells Arthur that they can't go on holiday, not with Glenda gone.  Arthur tells her the holiday isn't until next month.  "I'm going to see Glenda, not running around Spain," says Kath.  Kevin looks at Kath.  "Been looking in your crystal ball?" he asks.  Kevin says they obviously know where Glenda is but forgot to mention it to him.  Kath says she promised Glenda that she wouldn't say anything.  Kath tells Arthur and Kevin that she is going to go and see Glenda and sort it all out.
Jill Harvey see's Kate Hamilton in the office and asks her if Richard Lord is bothering her.  Kate says he is the casino accountant so she needs to see him.  Jill tells her that yesterday she asked to see David but didn't tell him what was worrying her, and Barbara is a bit put out.  Jill asks Kate if she has thought anymore about coming to stay at Chimney's, and Kate thanks Jill but says she will stay at the motel.
Kevin Banks tells Kath Brownlow that she is right about going to see Glenda on her own.  "Bring her back," he says.  Kath asks Kevin if there is anything he wants her to tell Glenda and Kevin says just that he loves her. 
Richard Lord has a drink in the bar with Georgina Moran and he tells her that he is concerned about her being in possession of a letter which she hasn't shown to anyone.  He says she might be suppressing evidence.
Sharon Metcalfe see's a note scribbled on Sid Hooper's notepad reminding him to contact an advertising firm and she is a bit puzzled. 
Georgina Moran tells Richard Lord that she is going to show the latter from her father to a solicitor.  Later Georgina Moran tells Paul Ross that she is going to show her father's letter to a solicitor and asks him if he could recommend anyone.  Paul Ross tells her that he will make an appointment for her to see J. Henry Pollard's solicitor.
Richard Lord discusses casino business with Kate Hamilton in her chalet.  He tells Kate that Georgina Moran is going to take her father's letter to a solicitor.
Reg Lamont has dinner at Sharon Metcalfe's flat with Sharon and Ashley.  Reg remembers one Christmas when Ashley had his first bike.  Ashley says he remembers he and his mother waiting for Reg to come home, but he didn't. 
Sid Hooper tells Joe MacDonald that he and Benny have bought a van for their joint business venture.  Sharon Metcalfe comes into the garage and asks them what that van is doing parked in the workshop.  Sid tells her that it belongs to Benny.  Sharon asks Sid Hooper about this advertising firm which he had written on his notepad and Sid tells her that he just wants a bit of advertising done.
Kath Brownlow asks Jill Harvey and Barbara Hunter if she could take two weeks off next month.  "Two weeks" says Barbara.  Kath says she is due the holidays, and Jill says that is correct.  Barbara Hunter tells Kath that it's not very convenient, and walks off.  Jill Harvey tells Kath that it will be fine for her to take two weeks off and tells Kath not to worry about Mrs Hunter, she has a few problems. 
Barbara Hunter joins David in the office and tells him that Kath Brownlow is taking two weeks holiday.  David says that's no problem, Jill can act as housekeeper in her absence.  David gets up from his desk and walks over to Barbara's desk.  "Might we talk about our own problem before it really gets to be a problem?" asks David, taking Barbara's hand and holding it in his.  "Kate Hamilton?" asks Barbara, and David nods.
David tells Barbara that Kate is in deep trouble.  "I sympathise with her I really do, David, but not to the extent of waiting around to see if your interest is not in the woman's problems but in the woman herself," says Barbara.  David says he has given her no cause to think that.  Barbara gets up from behind the desk and goes to stand in front of David.  "David.  The woman is in love with you," says Barbara.  David looks down at the floor.  "And I'm not sure she's entirely to blame," adds Barbara, and leaves.
Sharon Metcalfe tells Diane Hunter that Benny has bought a car, and Diane asks why.  Sharon says she has no idea. 
Barbara Hunter sits alone in the office staring at David's vacant desk.  The telephone on David's desk rings but she makes no move to answer it.  David comes into the office, looks at Barbara and picks the phone up.  When he replaces the receiver he looks at Barbara.  "Couldn't you have answered that," he says.  Barbara looks at him then picks up the phone on her desk.  "Has my call that I made to London come through yet?" she asks.  There is a pause.  "Mr Standish please.  Yes, Barbara Hunter...yes, we must meet," she says.
When she has finished the call Barbara tells David that Mr Standish is her literary agent and he wants her to make a start on her next book.  She says she has been so involved with real life dramas here that she hasn't had time to think about the fictional ones.  "So you understand I may be away for a considerable time," says Barbara, walking towards David's desk.  "Did you suggest it to him or did he suggest it to you?" asks David.  "I suggested it," answers Barbara.  "And what are you suggesting to me?  A trial separation?" asks David.  "A separation.  The trial's over," says Barbara, and leaves.
Diane Hunter tells Sid, Benny and Joe that their business venture is not a good idea, they will be taking work away from Sharon.
Kath Brownlow goes home and hears a noise coming from upstairs.  "Glenda!" she shouts.  Iris Scott comes down the stairs and tells Kath that she has come to get Glenda's things.
Benny tells Sid Hooper and Joe MacDonald that they should tell Sharon about their business plans.  Unknown to them Sharon Metcalfe is outside the office listening.  Sharon comes into the office and asks them what it is they have to tell her, so Sid Hooper tells her about the busines they are setting up.  

1982 Episodes continued

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