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Sharon Metcalfe reminds Adam Chance that he has a business lunch with a prospective client.  Adam tells Sharon that she is coming with him.
Benny decides that he likes the room in Mavis Hooper's house.  Mavis asks him if he has regular work and Benny says yes.  Iris Scott arrives back at Mavis Hooper's house and see's Benny.  "Ain't he lovely," she says.  Benny tells Iris Scott that he hasn't got the room yet.  Iris tells Mavis Hooper that Benny is no bother, and Mavis decides to let Benny have the room.
David and Diane arrive at the Coach House, and David introduces Diane to Carole Sands.  Carole Sands fixes Diane a drink and enuires about her surname Hunter.  Diane explains that she was married to Mr Hunter's son.
Diane, David and Barbara talk about the motel whilst Carole Sands is in the kitchen preparing dinner.  Diane mentions Joe MacDonald and says that now he has been made foreman he is earning 110 a week.  "Not bad," remarks David.  Carole Sands comes storming out from the kitchen and says 110 a week isn't enough.  "Would you work for it?" she asks David.  David stares in disbelief.  "No, because you're the boss," says Carole.  David begins to sniff and Carole rushes back into the kitchen.  She comes out a moment later.  "It's the sauce.  It's burnt," she announces.  "Then I suggest you turn the heat off," answers David. 
Carole Sands goes back into the kitchen and cries to herself.  David tells Diane that it's embarrassing and says he must have a word with Carole.  Diane asks him not to do it in front of her. 
Adam Chance and Sharon Metcalfe arrive back in the garage office after a successful business lunch.  Adam suggests a drink and pours one for them both.  Adam tries to kiss Sharon but she stops him.  he grabs her arm.  "Let go of me.  Just let go!" says Sharon, angrily and slaps Adam across the face. 
David sits down to breakfast at the Coach House, and Carole serves him scrambled eggs.  She apologises for her outburst the previous night.  David says it made Diane feel uncomfortable.  Barbara joins them in the kitchen, and Carole asks her how she likes her eggs.  "Poached please," answers Barbara.  "Carole scrambles very well," says David.  Carole smiles.
Benny and Sharon Metcalfe arrive for work at the garage and Benny follows Sharon into the office telling her about his new room at Mavis Hooper's.  Adam Chance looks at his watch.  "It's past nine o'clock," says Adam.  "Yeah," says Benny.  "Time to go and do some work," says Adam.  Benny leaves the office.  Sharon looks daggers at Adam Chance.  "Benny doesn't have a lot to get excited about, when he does it's nice to hear him out," says Sharon.  "Then you do that in your coffee break," says Adam.
Iris Scott's mother, Rose Scott, arrives at the Brownlow's home, and asks Kath where Iris is.  "Gone to the ante-natal clininc I suppose.  Is she alright.  I mean she always was a sickly looking kid if you ask me," says Rose Scott.  Rose asks Kath what's happening.  "Come on then, when's Iris going to make me a grandma.  Me a grandma.  Me!  A grandma.  If some of my fellas could hear me say that," says Rose.  Kath tells Rose that she thinks they should have a nice quiet cup of tea.  "I've got a lot to say," says Rose.  "So have I, and you've got a lot of listening to do," says Kath Brownlow.
Kath Brownlow tells Rose about Iris's phantom pregnancy.  Kath asks her sister what she has been doing all these years and Rose tells Kath about her past boyfriends.  
Arthur Brownlow arrives home from work and is surprised to find Rose Scott there.  She gives him a kiss, and Arthur asks her where she is staying.  Rose says she was hoping that they could put her up for a few days. 
Sharon Metcalfe delivers Jennifer Lamont's repaired car to the Lamont house, and Jennifer Lamont invites her in for a drink.  Jennifer Lamont asks Sharon if she is in a hurry and Sharon says she is on her lunch break, so Jennifer says she will fix her something to eat.  Sharon asks Jennifer if she has any family and Jennifer tells her that she has a son, Ashley but he is working away at the moment.  
Jennifer Lamont hears a car pull up outside and tells Sharon that it will be her husband Reg Lamont.  Jennifer meets Reg Lamont at the door and asks him if he could drive Sharon back to the motel because she was kind enough to deliver their car.  Reg says he is a bit pushed for time so Jennifer says she will call a taxi. 
Reg and Jennifer Lamont go into the living room.  "Sharon, this is Reggie," says Jenniefer Lamont.  Sharon turns around to face them and Reg Lamont's face changes as he recognises Sharon Metcalfe.  "How do you do," says Reg.  "Hello," says Sharon.  "We haven't run across each other before have we," says Reg Lamont.  "I don't think so.  Faces seem to stick don't you find," says Sharon.  "After lunch I'll run you back," Reg Lamont tells Sharon.  "There's no need," says Sharon.  "I insist.  I absolutely insist," says Reg Lamont.
Jennifer Lamont leaves the room.  "Well, well, well," says Sharon Metcalfe.  "Not a word.  I'm warning you," says Reg Lamont.  Reg Lamont tells Sharon that he saw Eddie Lee the other day, and he is back in prison.  Sharon turns away.  Reg Lamont tells Sharon that Eddie Lee isn't worth it.  Sharon tells Reg Lamont that judging by their standard of living crime seems to pay.  She tells Reg that Eddie Lee is in prison because of him, but Reg says Eddie knew the risks before he took the job.
Kath Brownlow prepares to go out and Rose Scott guesses that she is going to see Iris.  She tells Kath that she is coming to but Kath tells her sister that Iris isn't too keen to see her.  Kath makes Rose promise not to see Iris before she has had the chance to smooth the way.
In the garage office Sharon Metcalfe sets a photo of Eddie Lee alight and watches it burn.  Diane Hunter comes into the office and Sharon tells her that she had news of Eddie Lee today, and he is back in prison. 
Rose Scott asks Arthur Brownlow if he has seen a piece of paper with Iris's address on which Kath left her.  Arthur says he hasn't seen it, and Rose asks him if he could write down Iris's address again.
Barbara Hunter asks Jill Harvey what she is doing at Christmas and Jill says nothing.  Barbara asks Jill if she would like to spend Christmas with her and David, and Jill says she would love to.
Kath Brownlow arrives home and Arthur asks her where she has been.  Kath tells him that she went to see Iris Scott, and Arthur asks her if she saw Rose.  Kath says no, besides Rose didn't have Iris's address.  Arthur tells Kath that Rose told him that Kath had written out Iris's address and she had lost it.  Arthur tells Kath that he gave Rose the address.  Kath Brownlow puts her coat back on and says she has got to go round to Iris's.
Diane Hunter tells Sharon Metcalfe that she is going to America over the Christmas holidays and she asks Sharon if she would stay at her flat whilst she is away. 
Rose Scott waits at Mavis Hooper's house for Iris Scott to arrive.  Iris arrives home and Mavis Hooper tells her that there is someone to see her.  Iris goes into the kitchen and says hello to Rose Scott.  "You've turned out alright.  Grown up to be a real nice girl," says Rose.  Iris Scott looks at her blankly.  "Iris.  Don't you know who I am?" asks Rose.  "You must have guessed who I am by now.  Well haven't you got anything to say?" asks Rose Scott. 
"You come to see me special have you?" asks Iris.  "That's right," says Rose.  "Yeah, well.  You took your time getting here didn't you.  Thirteen years," says Iris sarcastically.  "well you needn't have bothered love, because you see, my mother walked out on me when I was a kid.  As far as I'm concerned I stopped having a mother right there and then," says Iris.  "So do me a favour will you.  Push off for another thirteen years.  Or a hundred and thirteen years if you like, 'cause I ain't got a mother," says Iris, and walks out of the room passing Kath Brownlow on the way out.  
Kath Brownlow goes into the kitchen.  "Did you hear what she said to me.  Me, her mum," says Rose Scott.  "Whatever it was you asked for it," says Kath.  "In five minutes you've destroyed the work of months in building up her trust in people," says Kath.                  
Barbara Hunter finds some Christmas decorations in the motel office and David helps her sort through them.  David says the decorations won't be much use at the motel this year and Barbara says they can take some back to the Coach House.  David says he was thinking of a small Christmas tree this year because last year they were picking pine needles out of the carpet until April.  "Well we've got Carole now.  She said she loves Christmas trees," says Barbara.  "Really," says David, surprised.  "Yes," says Barbara.  "What about Carole on Christmas day?" asks Barbara.  "We can manage on our own for one day surely," says David.  "No, I meant as a guest," says Barbara.  Barbara says she thinks they should offer.

1981 Episodes continued

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