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Arthur Brownlow tells Ron that Kath is a good one for jumping to conclusions.  Glenda tells her mother that she musn't go getting people down the aisle before they're ready.  Iris Scott says she doesn't believe in tying a man down.  "Shack up you mean?" asks Glenda.
Adam Chance goes to see David Hunter at the Coach House.  David tells Adam that he has a boat so maybe he could show Barbara the advantages.
At the Brownlow's house things are a little tense.  Iris Scott tells Kevin that it wasn't worth him coming round, it did no good.  Glenda asks Kevin what she means, and Kevin tells her that he went round to see Iris about tonight.  "Without telling me," says Glenda.  Ron Brownlow tells Glenda that she is so tied up in her own little world she doesn't give a damn about anyone else.  Glenda says Iris isn't too fussy about who she jumps into bed with.  Ron says he wants an explanation.  "I'm waiting," he says.  Iris Scott gets up from the dinner table and says she is leaving.  Glenda tells her that's just like her, she can't face up to anything.
James Corbett arrives at the Coach House with some papers for Barbara.  David asks him how the book is coming along, and James tells him that it is almost finished.  He says this book marks a new turning for Barbara.  David says now that his work is almost over he guesses they won't be seeing him anymore.  James Corbett tells David that the book might be finished but there is something else they have to talk about.
Barbara arrives home and James Corbett says there is something that all three of them should discuss.  Barbara says she is tired and it'll have to wait.  David see's James out.  Once James Corbett has left David tells Barbara that James came to tell him that he was going to take her away from him.  Barbara tells David that she told Jimmy that she loved David, and David says he is finding it hard to believe anything she says anymore. 
At the Brownlow house Ron Brownlow finds Kevin and Glenda in the living room and says they need to talk.  Ron asks Glenda to leave the room but Glenda says she won't, this concerns her too.
Barbara Hunter gives David a letter from Chris which arrived at the motel for him.  She says she wonders why Chris sent it to the motel, and David tells her maybe it was because that's where he usually does business.  Barbara asks David if he is still considering lending Chris the money for the boatyard business, and David says perhaps if the figures are good.  Barbara stands up, picks up her coat and says she will never agree to lending Chris any money.  David asks her where she is going.  "To see another old schoolfriend, or dear Jimmy," he says.  "That's not a bad idea," says Barbara.  "We have a lot of unfinished business," says Barbara and leaves.
Ron Brownlow tells Glenda that he wants to talk to Kevin alone so Glenda leaves the room.  Ron asks Kevin what it's alll about between him and Iris Scott.  Kevin tells him that it was one night whilst they were staying at his aunt Marion Owen's house.  Ron asks him what it meant to him and Kevin says nothing.
James Corbett works in his chalet.  There is a knock on the door and he calls out to ask who it is.  "Barbara," comes a voice from outside.  James Corbett lets Barbara into the chalet and says he didn't expect to see her tonight.  Barbara asks James what he said to David at the Coach House before she arrived.  James says they talked about her book, but there was more behind the words then were actually said.  "How dare you!" says Barbara.  She tells James that he had no right.  "Someone has to tell him," says James.  Barbara says there is nothing to tell.  "I love him and he loves me," she says.  James says he doesn't believe that.  He says they still love each other, and they have to face up to it.  "I'm not going to let you get away from me a second time," says James Corbett.
Ron Brownlow tells Kevin that he doesn't hold what happened between him and Iris against him.  Ron goes to Iris Scott's flat and she tells him that she would have done anything for him not to have found out like that.  Ron tells her that it doesn't matter, that's in the past.  They hug each other.
Barbara Hunter returns to the Coach House.  "James alright?" asks David.  Barbara says he doesn't seem particularly bothered and David says she spends the whole day in James Corbett's chalet so why should he worry about a half an hour visit.  David tells Barbara that she doesn't know how he feels so playing the jealous husband won't make her understand.
David tells Barbara that he would like her to look at the figures for the boatyard business.  Barbara sits beside David on the settee and looks at the books and papers spread out on the table.  "Chris has got himself a good deal," says David.  "Well, I've seen the figures.  What now?" asks Barbara.  David says he is going to lend Chris the money he needs.  Barbara tells him that either of them can sign a cheque from their joint account.  "You wouldn't do that without my permission," she says.  David says no, but he'll raise the money on his own.  David Hunter phones the motel and asks to be put through to J. Henry Pollard's chalet. 
The following day David speaks to J. Henry Pollard in the motel sitting room.  David tells J. Henry that he has decided to lend Chris the money for the boatyard.  David tells J. Henry that there is something else he wanted to discuss with him.  He says he is going to wind up his shares in Crossroads at the end of the financial year, and he asks J. Henry Pollard if he would be willing to buy him out.  J. Henry asks how Meg feels about this and David tells him that she doesn't know about it yet.  J. Henry asks what will happen if Meg tries to stop the sale, and David says Meg can't stop it.  "I am the majority shareholder and no one can do anything about it," says David.  J. Henry tells David that he would like to look at the figures.  "And if I like the look of them I'll but the Crossroads Motel lock, stock and barrel," he says. 

1981 Episodes continued

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