Crossroads and Ipcress File actress Sue Lloyd dies aged 72

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From the Daily Mail Online 23rd October 2011


Legendary actress Sue Lloyd has passed away at the age of 72.

The actress - best known for her role in hit ITV soap, Crossroads, was today being remembered by family and famous friends following her death on October 20.

Lloyd, who played Barbara Hunter in Crossroads, was left broken-hearted in 1991 when her actor husband, Ronald Allen, who also played her onscreen husband in the hit soap, died of cancer just weeks after they were married.


Lloyd was born in Aldeburgh, Suffolk in August 1939 and studied dance as a child, attending the Sadler's Wells Ballet School.

Although she was briefly a member of Lionel Blair's dance troupe, as Lloyd's height increased the possibilities for a career dance decreased and she became a showgirl and a model instead.

Lloyd eventually broke into television and throughout the sixties and seventies she made many guest appearances on several popular shows, including The Saint, Department S, Jason King, Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) and The Sweeney

Lloyd also enjoyed the regular role of Cordelia Winfield, alongside Steve Forrest, in The Baron, but it was her part in the 1965 film The IPCRESS File where she starred alongside Michael Caine that seemed to get her noticed.

In 1971, Lloyd tried her hand at performing in the theatre and starred in a stage version of the TV series The Avengers playing John Steed's sidekick, Mrs Hannah Wild.

Four years later she began her role as Barbara Hunter in Crossroads where she remained until 1985 but Lloyd enjoyed a relationship with Allen off-screen for 13 years, long after the Midlands motel closed its doors in 1988.

Following her husband's death, the actress only starred in a handful of productions such as the TV show Keeping Up Appearances and movies U.F.O. and Bullet to Beijing with her last role being in the 2001 film, Beginner's Luck.

Lloyd who had no children, wrote a biography entitled, It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time, in 1998