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Hugh entered her life once more and it seemed at last that Meg would find happiness, but Malcolm returned to England.  Still alive, he had passed off another body as his own, but later he was returned to South America to stand trial for murder, and Meg was free to start divorce proceedings.
At last it seems that, after years of heartbreak and waiting, Meg and Hugh are to find happiness together at last.  A Registry Office ceremony is followed by a Blessing at St Philip's Cathedral crowded with family, friends and wellwishers, setting the seal on a day Meg will always remember.
Years of happiness and contentment seem ahead of them, but the fates decree differently.  On a trip to Australia Hugh is kidnapped by terrorists, he suffers a fatal heart attack ... and once again Meg finds herself a widow.
But still enjoying married life are Meg's brother Andy Fraser and his wife Ruth Bailey, whose wedding was the cause of great celebrations in the 500th edition of Crossroads.  After his marriage Andy left the merchant navy, which had been his life for so long, and at first the couple had a grocery business and later a travel agency.
But life has its sad moments as well as its times of joy, as several Crossroads people, notably Meg and her family, know to their cost.
Meg has lost both a dear sister in Kitty Jarvis and a beloved husband, but life goes on.
Benny, from the farm at King's Oak, lost Maureen, the girl he was to marry, in an accident on their wedding day, and now he makes a pilgrimage to her grave to relive their happy times together.
The staff at Crossroads were all terribly distressed also when Josefina got a letter telling her that her husband Carlos, their popular Spanish chef, had died in a fire, heroically trying to save some trapped children.  And when George Petersham tried to commit suicide by jumping under a train because of becoming an alcoholic, the staff and all his fans were greatly shocked, for George has been in Crossroads since the first episode.
Tragedy hit the motel again when a blind girl was kidnapped by Edge Sharp, a gunman who killed a policeman and injured Anegela's father as they tried to rescue her.  But later there was new hope that Angela's sight might be restored.
So it goes on, as the lives of Meg and her family and staff and the customers at Crossroads are interwoven in a pictorial patchwork of bright and dark days when human emotions, good and bad, rule the lives of everyone.