Love and Marriage ... continued

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Unfortunately, it could.  News came that Malcolm Ryder was still alive, and the shock made Meg lose her memory for a time.  She recovered slowly, faced with the awful truth that she was still married - to a murderer.  Then her luck changed.  Ryder came back to England and had the gall to turn up at the motel.  Hugh immediately alerted the police and Ryder was arrested.  Divorce proceedings followed, and at last the preparations for the wedding could begin.
Soon Meg was caught up in a whirl of activity, choosing her trousseau, planning the reception, ordering the cake, invitations and flowers and, of course, making sure that the motel ran as smoothly as ever.  For the actual ceremony Meg chose a pale, mint green organza dress, to be worn with matching shoes and a large straw picture hat trimmed with yellow and white flowers and fine rouleaux in the same material as the dress. Then she picked out a flattering cream jersey dress as part of her going away outfit; to be worn under a very beautiful mink coat, plus several glamorous dresses for those romantic evenings on the honeymoon.
At last the preparations were complete, and the great day arrived.  The wedding took place at the Birmingham Registry Office, and was followed by a Service of Blessing in St Philip's Cathedral.  Meg and Hugh arrived in a white Rolls, and as Meg said, it could have been a Royal wedding, they felt so grand!  Needless to say, the bride looked radiant and the groom obviously felt very proud ... as well he might after waiting ten years for this very day.
After the service, friends and relatives assembled for photographs, and then it was on to the reception at the Droitwich Hotel.  If Hugh was nervous about his speech it didn't show, and everything went off without a hitch.  When at last it was time to leave, the white Rolls was there at the door, and it was a funny thing, but the chauffeur looked exactly like Larry Grayson!
It was a happy ending to a very happy day but, sadly, Meg and Hugh were to have just three short years together before Hugh's tragic death made Meg a widow for a second time.  After the anguish and bitterness of those first black weeks Meg has regained some of her old fighting spirit, but the wounds are still there, wounds that only time can heal.