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When Noele was to be featured on the This Is Your Life programme all the other members of the cast were in on the secret.  Reg Watson called Noele and asked her to take part in a promotion trailer.  She was to walk through into the motel reception area, say something about the motel and then add: "And this is my manager, played by Ronnie Allen."  Rehearsals went well, and the take was ready to be made.
And this is where Noele nearly ruined the whole thing.  She came through the door, said the wrong lines, and stopped.  Not until later did she learn that Eamonn Andrews had changed places with Ronnie, and had to dash off again and hide when the scene had to be scrapped.  On the second take all went well, and Eamonn managed to take Noele by surprise, as planned.
It was on that show that rumours of a romance between Noele and Larry Grayson started.  Larry laughingly asked Noele to marry him on the air, and she jokingly accepted.  But some viewers didn't see the joke, and telegrams and flowers started to arrive.  It took quite a time to scotch the rumours, but Larry and Noele remain the greatest of friends.